W&V agency portrait with Mella

What culture do we believe in?

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oddity Berlin in W&V

Is it time to challenge digital media?

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oddity OPEN #3 29.11.18

Does everyone understand blockchain but me?

W&V interview with our co-founder Simon

Why fear is a bad salesman

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oddity OPEN #2

How can we face what we cannot foresee?

Hidden launch of 183 Days for dm-drogerie markt

Should everything change every six months?

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oddity for Kärcher

Should we put high pressure in social media?

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oddity waves for decathlon

Should we discover new shores?

#spreadthefun for dm-drogerie markt

How close can a drugstore be to the pulse of our time?

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a friend



Born independent in 2000, we are 275 at seven locations.

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Let's shape the future together.
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