oddity joins Infosys


oddity joins Infosys

The world of communication is one in constant change and with many open questions. Since the founding of oddity in 2000, this has been our home. Today, we are here: an agency for digital communication and commerce who, with 300 amazing colleagues in Europe and Northeast Asia, is striving to seamlessly unite all levels of communication instead of separating them into online and offline, performance and branding, creative and technology. We could content ourselves with that, but in reality we know that the journey cannot just stop there.

To reach the next level, on a more international scale, with a deeper impact, it will take more than us alone. So, we started to look for someone who is a tech superpower but also has an understanding for human needs along with a high level of empathy for ideas. Because this is where we see the future: a dedicated fellowship of creativity, experience and technology.

We are very excited to continue our journey, alongside the global tech company Infosys and together with their human experience agency WONGDOODY. Evolving from an independent agency to a parented company is a huge step for us, but not a thoughtless one. We, the founders and partners of oddity, want to share our vision with you.


We know it now for sure: If we use it right, the digital disruption with its huge technological opportunities will be the cradle for better, more human-centered marketing. So, what could be better than joining one of the most relevant and respected tech companies in the world, as the best source to create a new and unique force?

The next internet generation, a real union of digital and physical experience, is right ahead of us, opening opportunities for brands and retailers. Together with Infosys and WONGDOODY, we are the starting point to deliver rewarding experiences on a global level. Not only from a technological standpoint or a creative perspective, but from the sweet spot in-between.


We know that business is nothing without the people. The shortage of digital professionals will be, according to KfW research (No. 329), the biggest obstacle to growth in the digitalization of the economy in the coming years. This is where we want to learn from Infosys, a company that introduced the largest corporate university in the world. We will be empowered to provide a higher depth and variety of expertise at a level rarely to be found. We don’t want to be just a place to work, but to become the best place to thrive, thanks to our approach towards an inclusive culture, international career paths and corporate education.


We aim to create in a globalized, digital economy that overcomes local boundaries. With our teams in Shanghai, Taipei and Belgrade, we’ve already learned about the power of international teams and the value it adds to our everyday life and our client work. Now we want to think even bigger: Infosys is represented in over 50 countries, WONGDOODY in the US, UK, Australia and India, and oddity in Germany, Serbia and Northeast Asia. Why be strong alone if you can be stronger together?


The spirit of oddity is the foundation of the last 22 years and our strong starting point for our further development. It is now up to us: keeping what makes us special and shaping the future we all want to see. And now we’ve finally found our fellowship with Infosys and WONGDOODY.

We are looking forward to an exciting journey. The destination is clear: to constantly become a better partner, for our team and for our clients.

Frank, Marc, Simon, Chris